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Moose Plow Lift Actuator

Moose Plow Lift Actuator


  • Designed to Lift the Plow Without Manual Effort
  • Will Operate Only with the Ignition On and Comes Standard with a Thermal Limiting Switch that Eliminates the Possibility of Damage to the ATV, Plow or Actuator
  • Single-Line Pulling Capacity is Rated at 300 lb., More than Enough Power to Reliably Lift the Heaviest Blade
  • Termination Strap Design for Easy On and Off
  • Handlebar-Mounted Switch can be Operated Without Removing your Hand from the Grip; This Switch is Built to Survive Rain, Cold, Mud and Other Contaminants and Still Perform
  • Easy-to-Install Kit Includes a Handlebar Switch, Wiring Harness, Cable Termination Strap and All Necessary Hardware
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